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Looks are just the beginning we fix all the scratches, bumps and bruises your computer has acquired over the years. The computer in this picture above was running extremely slow as well as showing its years of wear and tear. We upgraded the memory and the hard drive, taking the old hard drive and putting into the external case (red) as you can see in the picture above. Now the old hard drive is being used for extra storage!

The computer is faster then most brand new computers coming out today. That is because we use technology that you can’t find at your local Best Buy® store. Most people don’t realize that when you buy from big name stores you are usually getting last years technology. They have to do it this way because technology advances so fast. Especially in the processor and hard drive areas.


If your computer is not running or just running very slow. And it is showing its age by way of scratches, cracks and missing keyboard buttons. We can make it look as good as brand new.  And view are video section to watch the process. You can also call for more information: 845-820-9979


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